Solar Power is what we believe in!

We at Anchorage Solar are focused on helping Alaskans power their homes with
renewable energy each month to save money and decrease their carbon footprint. Take
a look at some of the media coverage we have been a part of.


Solar power use in Alaska has grown quickly amid falling prices for photovoltaic panels and reduced doubts by Alaskans about solar energy in the land of sun-starved winters.

Also critical to acceptance of the renewable energy are federal tax incentives that have spurred new projects…


A new community inspired program will soon be literally lighting up Airport Heights. Solarize Anchorage brings neighborhoods together to purchase panels in bulk to receive a volume discount.

Two Airport Heights residents floated the ideas with their neighbors and from there, have begun turning on the…


The 10th annual Anchorage Solar Tour took place Saturday as a way to showcase solar panel setups at homes and businesses across the city.

Crowds of people gathered for a tour across Anchorage, stopping off at the University of Alaska Anchorage admin building and Bosco's Retail store in Spenard…